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Walking with Families Through the Adoption Process

Camille Patti is a New Orleans Family Law Attorney who handles adoptions for those seeking to grow their families. Every adoption is extremely client-specific and requires a personalized approach. Camille is not only an experience adoption and family lawyer, she is also a mother and stepmother. Her legal skills, education, and life experiences combine to help her provide her clients with the individualized approach that sensitive, personal situations like adoptions require.

Whether you want to formalize a pre-existing relationship through intrafamily adoption or want to expand your family through private adoption, Camille handles every case with sensitivity, compassion, and professionalism.

Educated Guidance for New Orleans Adoptions

In the case of adoptions where there is no pre-existing relationship between the child and adoptive parents, the process of adopting a child into your family can be long and complex. A range of requirements must be met by prospective adoptive families. Knowing what to expect in advance will make you better prepared as you work through each obstacle and meet every challenge on the road to adoption.

Camille Patti holds a master’s degree in sociology as well as a doctorate in family law, providing her a sophisticated insight into how families work. Combined with her own experiences as a mother and step-parent, and gives her a personal understanding of family law and adoption.

Adoptions are intimate family affairs and important legal matters at the same time, and aspects of both sides bear on every decision. There are many rights and responsibilities to understand and volumes of legal paperwork to be completed. Camille Patti offers straightforward counsel and legal guidance to help smooth the adoption process.

Family Law Attorney Camille Patti is your trusted legal advocate and advisor throughout the adoption process and even beyond, if needs arise. She believes in working hard to help families succeed and you will enjoy fast access and reliable guidance at an affordable price.

A Trusted and Affordable Adoption Partner in New Orleans

If you are the birth mother and want to provide a loving, caring environment for your child, or if you are a family that wants to provide a safe home for a child, Attorney Camille Patti is a trusted and affordable adoption attorney in New Orleans who can provide invaluable legal assistance with the adoption process.
Due to the personal nature of adoptions, Camille is happy to discuss your specific concerns and requirements in a confidential consultation. She is also happy to share pricing information after determining your unique needs and desires for adoption.

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